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Draw a flannel Electric heating blanket Heating blanket

Characteristic; Temperature control timing; 120V60HZ, power 100W, controller 10-speed digital display, timing 9 hours.

Washable machine wash by hand; Blankets can be covered or draped

Product code; YX01A-TH5060

Material; Drawn flannel + Flannel (care instructions: machine washable, hand washable), material specific percentage is, drawn flannel 50%, flannel 50%

Voltage and switching function; 120V60HZ, power 100W controller, 10-speed digital display, timing 9 hours.

Product packaging size; Carton packaging, with carton size is 25CM long, 14CM wide, 44CM high

Product includes packaging weight; Vacuum packing with color box 2 KG

Size; 50*60 (inches)

The supply price; 96 RMB including tax

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Hot-wire; Used in temperature-controlled electric blankets. The core of the wire is made of glass fiber or polyester filament, which is wrapped with a flexible and flexible electrothermal alloy wire (or foil). The outer layer is covered with a nylon thermal layer or a special plastic thermal layer, and then a copper alloy signal wire is wrapped around the thermal layer, and the outermost layer is coated with a heat-resistant resin. When the temperature at the first point of the electric blanket exceeds the predetermined value, the thermal layer on the corresponding electric heating wire is changed from an insulator to a good conductor, so that the control circuit is connected and the electric blanket is powered off, to achieve the purpose of temperature control and safety protection.

Machine washable and easy to maintain - just unplug the controller and throw it in the washing machine. Can be washed directly by machine, cold or warm water, can also be dried. It can remain soft after long-term cleaning. Note: Do not dry clean. Don't bleach. Don't iron. When the power supply is wet, do not plug in the power supply until it is completely dry before switching on the power supply. Don't wring it out. Do not use wet

Safety guarantee - Automatic shutdown after 8 hours of use, prevent overheating, save energy, help sleep. Electric blanket quality safety through CE, ETL certification, and equipped with overheating protection system. It is safe to use even if you wrap your pet.

Product internal packaging

Product internal packaging

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