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Heating pad Physiotherapy electric heating blanket

Heating pad Physical therapy electric heating blanket, human heating pad heating blanket.

120V power 60W, size 30* 40cm.

High quality crystal super soft fabric, touch super soft, comfortable skin without hair.

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2-hour automatic timing switch, 4-speed timing, 5-speed temperature control, PTC+NTC double protection function. It is suitable for heating therapy of shoulder, abdomen, leg and waist.

This heating pad has been certified by FCC and ETL in the United States, as well as CE certification in the European Union, proving that it meets international safety standards. The product controller uses 120V60HZ power of 100W, equipped with a 4-speed temperature adjustment digital tube display, and has a 2-hour timing function. The hot-wire adopts the function of overheat and power-off protection, which is composed of the outer PVC collapsible waterproof layer, the temperature measurement protection line, the inner NTC insulation layer and the hot-wire, and has the function of overheat and power-off protection. The link between the controller and the blanket is waterproof and supports machine washing or hand washing of the electric blanket.

This heating pad is not only suitable for placing on the sofa, bed, becoming a comfortable rest option, but also can be used when watching TV, reading a book or relaxing and soothing sore muscles. It is also an ideal choice for offices, giving you a warm and comfortable working environment.

In order to provide a better and safer user experience, the heating pad also adds a rapid heating function for more even heat distribution. This means that the electric blanket can heat evenly in a matter of seconds, allowing you to feel warm in the fastest time and drive away the cold.

In summary, this heating pad therapy electric heating blanket has multiple functions and safety protection measures, and meets international safety standards to provide you with a warm and comfortable living experience. Whether at home or in the office, this heating pad is ideal for a full range of heating treatments and comfort.

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