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Rabbit hair flannel Rabbit hair waterproof electric heating blanket

Characteristic; Temperature control timing; 120V60HZ, power 100W, controller 10-speed digital display, timing 9 hours. Washable machine wash by hand; Blankets can be covered or draped
Product code; YX01A-BL6284

Material; Printed rabbit hair + white lamb wool (care instructions: machine washable, can be washed by hand), material specific percentage is, printed rabbit hair 50%, white lamb wool 50%

Voltage and switching function; 120V60HZ, power 100W controller, 10-speed digital display, timing 9 hours.

Product packaging size; Carton packaging, with carton size is 25CM long, 14CM wide, 44CM high

Product includes packaging weight; Vacuum packing with color box 2.5KG

Size; 62*84 (inches)

The supply price; 135 RMB including tax

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Safety common sense

Use electric blanket must pay attention to safety

In order to ensure the safety and extend the service life of electric blankets used by families and prevent and avoid unsafe factors occurring during the use of electric blankets, please pay attention to the following issues:

1. Before using the electric blanket, read the instructions in detail and operate in strict accordance with the instructions.

2. The voltage and frequency of the power supply used should be consistent with the rated voltage and frequency calibrated on the electric blanket.

3. The electric blanket should be strictly prohibited from folding. In the process of using the electric blanket, it should be often checked whether the electric blanket has a pile and pleats, if so, the wrinkles should be spread out before use.

4 If the use of preheated electric blanket, should absolutely prohibit the use of power all night, when the user goes to bed, should turn off the power.

5 Infants and people who can not take care of themselves should not use electric blankets alone, and should be accompanied by others.

Advantages; Of course, the electric blanket has its advantages, it has a good protective effect on people with rheumatic pain, and can reduce the chance of its attack.

In addition, for the elderly or people who are particularly weak, electric blankets can also provide better care.

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Soft and comfortable, it is ideal for sofas, sofas, beds, watching TV, reading or relaxing, soothing muscle soreness, is also a good choice for the office, giving you a warm and comfortable living experience, fast heating - easy to choose 10 heating levels at the touch of a button, so that you feel warm in the fastest time and drive away the cold. Electric blanket quality safety through CE, ETL certification, and equipped with overheating protection system. It is safe to use even if you wrap your pet.

Product internal packaging

Product internal packaging

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