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PV lint Temperature controlled time heating cover blanket

Characteristic: Temperature control timing; 120V60HZ, power 100W, controller 10-speed digital display, timing 9 hours.Washable machine wash by hand; Blankets can be covered or draped

Product code:YX01A-BL7284

Material: PV cotton wool + white lamb wool (care instructions: machine washable, can be washed by hand), the specific percentage of material is, PV cotton wool 50%, white lamb wool 50%

Voltage and switching function: 120V60HZ, power 100W controller, 10-speed digital display, timing 9 hours.

Product packaging size: Carton packaging, with carton size is 25CM long, 14CM wide, 44CM high

Product includes packaging weight:Vacuum packing with color box 3 KG

Size:72 x 84 (inches)

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Electric blanket, also known as electric mattress, is a kind of contact electric heating equipment, it will be a special, insulation performance of the standard soft cable electric heating element woven or sewn into the blanket in the shape of a coil snake, when the power is emitted heat. The working principle and structure are similar to the electric blanket, warm blanket, electric pad and electric pad.

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Soft and comfortable - 100% polyester multilayer flannel for the best feeling soft and comfortable. It measures 72 by 84 inches. It is ideal for sofas, couches, beds, watching TV, reading or relaxing, soothing sore muscles, and is also a good choice for the office, giving you a warm and comfortable living experience

Fast heating - Easily select three heating levels (range :95 ° F to 113 ° F) at the touch of a button. To provide a better and safer user experience, add a fast heating function to achieve more even heat distribution, so that the electric blanket heats evenly in a few seconds, so that you feel warm in the fastest time and drive away the cold. Passed ETL,CE certification, so you can rest assured to use.

Product internal packaging

Product internal packaging

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